​​Our company was founded in 2006, but our roots in timber framing stretch back much further. We employ 8-10 individuals on a year-round basis, and hire other experts for our projects, as necessary.
We hire only the most dedicated and experienced artisans, with a wide knowledge base, and expertise in architecture, engineering, design, wood products, and joinery methods. Together, our team has decades of combined experience in architecture and timber framing.
We are craftsmen – born and bred. We work with our hands first and foremost – though we also use modern computer modeling tools and techniques to design our timber-framed buildings.
Born In Tradition – Raised In Excellence
At Gallatin Timberwrights, we feel our connection to the history of timber framing in America very strongly. We have a responsibility for those who came before us – just as we have a responsibility for those who come after us.
Our goal is to create truly long-lasting, authentic timber-framed homes, and honor the traditions of our forefathers. We do not accept shoddy craftsmanship, or any cost-saving techniques that taint the historic heritage of timber framing.
Our Values – Flexibility, Adaptability, And Out-Of-The-Box Thinking
While the history of our company is based in age-old traditions, we also make it a point to think outside of the box, and use our “out-of-the-box” thinking to create designs that are truly unique, and use the best of both modern joinery techniques, and the age-old traditions of timber framing.
We value independence, and we demand great things from our employees. But we also give them the flexibility to innovate, and create designs that are truly unique.
This is because we do not believe in building homes from pre-built plans, or simply imitating other craftsmen who have come before us. We combine the old and the new, for breathtaking results.
This flexibility also makes it possible for us to overcome any hurdle that may face your project. Whether it’s a weather delay, supply shortage, or any other problem, we can adjust our plans and our schedule to make sure that we deliver great results – on time, and within your budget.
Serving The Rocky Mountains With Pride – For More Than A Decade
Gallatin Timberwrights is based in Gallatin Gateway, MT, near Bozeman and Four Corners. We serve clients in the Montana area, and we’re willing to travel anywhere in the Rockies, to ply our trade, and build exceptional timber-framed structures.
From homes, to commercial buildings, barns, and even bridges, we do it all. Whether you’re local, in Bozeman, or live anywhere in the Rockies, we’d be happy to hear from you – and discuss how we can help you create a truly unforgettable, timber-framed structure.
So don’t wait. If you want to learn more about our company and what we do, please give us a call at (406) 219-4053 for more information, or keep browsing our website.