At Gallatin Timberwrights, we offer a full suite of timber framing services. We can work with architects and contractors of your choice, to deliver a fantastic result – and provide you with a one-of-a-kind and exceptional building. Learn more about what we do below.
The Preconstruction Phase – Ideation And Prototyping
In most cases, we recommend that you hire Gallatin Timberwrights at the same time as – or even before – hiring an architect. We can work directly with your chosen architect, which helps us understand the intent of their designs, and provide input based on our experiences with joinery design, project scheduling, engineering, and budgeting.
During the preconstruction phase, we will:
  • Provide design and planning feedback – By working directly with an architect and designer, we can ensure that your plan is perfectly suited to a timber-framed design, and address any potential issues or inconsistencies.
  • Work to identify and solve potential hurdles and roadblocks – Based on the design and our findings while working with your architect, we will do our best to identify any problems that may pose an issue during construction, and take steps to solve them and prevent delays.
  • Create an accurate budget and cost estimation – After preparation, we will provide you with an accurate and informed estimate about expected budget for your project.
  • Choose and order the proper timbers, avoiding long lead times – We can immediately start sourcing timbers, ensuring that you avoid any possible delays related to acquiring building materials.
Design Phase – Finalizing Your Project
After the initial pre-construction phase, we will move into the design phase, where all aspects of your project are finalized, and we create an arbitrary schedule for your project, alongside your general contractor. At this time, we will:
  • Finalize all shop drawings and plans – We will complete the engineering of all timbers, and provide our shop drawings and plans to you and your architect for approval.
  • Finalize budget and create billing documents – We use AIA G703 billing documents, which will be submitted after your budget is finalized.
  • Timber/log ordering – We put in the final order for supplies and timbers from our partners
  • Schedule and timeline development – We cooperate with your general contractor to develop an accurate schedule and roadmap of your project timeline.
Construction Phase
Finally, the construction phase will begin. Typically, this involves the following services:
  • Surveying and field measurements – We will take all necessary measurements on your building site, and ensure that the structure is placed in the ideal location.
  • Timber joinery begins – After the initial delivery of materials, we will begin the process of joining the timbers, and building your structure. Process photos will be available online.
  • Timber assemblies are installed – Our pre-built timber assemblies will be delivered and installed, to begin the process of building the interior of the home.
  • Consult with framers and interior contractor – If necessary, we will consult with the interior framers and contractors to ensure that our work is progressing properly.
  • Finalization and extras – We will finalize the timber frame, and additional products like tongue-and-groove flooring or ceilings will also be installed, as will decking and other wood products.
  • Client changes – At this point, our clients may request minor changes, which will be addressed before the project is finalized.
Project Completion
Once your project has been completed, final billing will be completed, and photos of the structure will be taken. Then, the project is turned over entirely to your general contractor, for the final finishing of your structure.
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